tristhymia is a queer-feminist collective exploring the intersection of movement and sound in the context of dysfunction, dysthymia, pop culture, and resistance using complex self-developed scores. We install the dysfunctional as the new normal.

inside outside
start again

you settle for seconds
right in the _ gap

right there
in the _ gap
is constant displacement

and what’s left
is not quite right

outside inside
start again


tristhymia ist ein queer-feministisches Kollektiv, das die Schnittstelle von Bewegung und Sound im Kontext von Dysfunktion, Dysthymie, Widerstand und Pop-Kultur untersucht und dafür komplexe eigenentwickelte Scores genutzt. Das Dysfunktionale wird hier zum neuen Normal.

tristhymia was founded in summer 2019.
Current members are Jenny Döll (subsdance), Dodi Helschinger (guitar) & Susanne Soldan (dysdance).

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